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Transilvanian Brunch in Sasaus

Local food. Tastes good. These are not simple words or slogans. This is the philosophy which   inspired in 2008 some events for promoting local bio food from Hartibaciului Valley, located not far from Sibiu.

These are the events which brought together friends from all over the country as well as anyone who wanted to find out more about Transylvanian ancient villages and special recipes. This year this special type of brunches will occur four times:  on the last Saturday of May, June, July and August.

First 2011 “Transilvanian Brunch” was held last Saturday in Sasaus, an old Romanian village at the heart of Sibiu County. The specialties of this event were a delicious local soup with tarragon and noodles and a special lamb stew freshly made by a few tireless and industrious housekeepers. As for the cultural part of the event the local group of young dancers and singers dressed in traditional costumes performed local dances and songs from Sibiu county folklore.

Sasaus still has beautiful old houses, the church on the hill and the old wooden church located at the heart of the village. Several enthusiastic people from here or from Altana and Agnita have been preserving and collecting local folklore for several decades.

Enjoy the pictures for now and perhaps you still have time to make a reservation for the next brunch in Mesendorf.

Photo by Daniel Secarescu